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The title says it all. One of the reasons we shop small is because of the one on one experience (and superior handmade goodies of course)! We like to connect, meet, and learn about who we are buying from. So let’s do that!

Want to learn about the makers behind All Mixed Up Lacquers? What we do in our spare time, some behind the scenes, other “hobbies”, and other small businesses we love? Then stay tuned! We will be posting bits about us each week.

For the moment here is a bit of background info. We are a family team. My husband helps with naming, our daughter helps with mixing and paperwork, oldest son is carrier service to the mailbox, and the youngest... well he just looks cute. We started our business March 23rd 2014 on my husband's birthday. Yep, that long ago! Our first two polishes are still my favorite. Sky and Pop Rocks were our first major glitter bombs based off of our favorite colors. Through the years we’ve had good times and bad, but when the day is over I love my job. Bit of personal info, we recently tied the knot! It was an experience we will never forget! I thoroughly enjoyed the planning of it all (yes! I’m one of THOSE people). Finally, 2019 marks 5 years in business and we are so excited for this milestone!

Since you’ve been so patient with this somewhat long intro post here are a few of my personal “likes” and “dislikes”.

  1. Love all colors...except yellow and gold!
  2. Adore furry critters
  3. Hate cleaning glass and windows 
  4. Love cooking
  5. Don’t like mornings!

Let me know something about you! What do you want to learn about us?

I hope you enjoy learning about the people behind AMUL. Stay tuned for a review of a brand new nail and body care line that I’m completely in love with!

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  • This was a great intro. I live that you added this to the shop. congratulations on 4 years! you rock.

    Theresa on
  • How wonderful! And yes 2014 is a while! You go girl! My birthday is March 30th so yes to all us crazy Aries! Congratulations on polishes! I love them

    Tammy @nailskilzmom on

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