About us

All Mixed Up Lacquers is a family ran business working hard to bring you safe, beautiful, and Eco friendly products. AMUL started in March 2014 when my love for polish became a bit too great. I have always loved nail polish and nail art, but now I have fallen in love with creating beautiful colors and seeing others enjoy them. I truly found my passion and love creating our products.

We have since expanded from not only polish, but top coats, base coats, cuticle balms/oils, body scrubs, mani/pedi/bath bombs, and tools.

Our mission is to use safer alternatives in all of our products. Our polishes are 21-free which means NO Toluene, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor, and 16 other harmful chemicals. When creating our body and skin products we prefer to use all natural high quality ingredients.

We want to make our ecological footprint as small as possible so we wrap and package our products in items that have been recycled. We reuse and repurpose whenever possible. Why waste?

An absolute no no for AMUL is animal testing! We absolutely will not buy from a supplier that tests their products on animals nor will we EVER test our products on our furry friends.

You can find us on Instagram (@all_mixed_up_lacquers), Facebook (All Mixed Up Lacquers), Facebook Group (All Mixed Ups F-AMUL-Y), Twitter (@allmixedup), TikTok

We hope you enjoy and love our products as much as we do! Feel free to contact us at all_mixed_up_lacquers@hotmail.com

Owner L.J York

Shipping out of MaCclenny Fl.


We also run a 2nd shop. Smidgen of Us is a bi-monthly box with many different items and makers.