Do you accept refunds?

Duo to the nature of our products, we do not accept refunds. If an item was damaged in shipping we will resend your damaged item. If you have an issue please contact immediately at AMULacquers.cs@gmail.com.

Order damaged or missing?

We do our best to carefully wrap every order to insure a safe arrival, but if your items have seen better days don't hesitate to contact us! We will replace any and all damaged items as soon as possible. Email us a picture of the damage at AMULacquers.cs@gmail.com along with your name, address, what items were damaged, and your order number.

If your package has been lost please contact your local USPS/UPS/Fedex/Ect. office and check with them. Once the package has left our hands we have no control. In the event your local USPS can't find your package, let us know. We will call and place an inquiry and try to find it (you can also do this). If your package can not be found, we will replace one lost order if possible. If your area is known for package jacking, we advise using a different shipping address.

Entered the wrong shipping address?

Please double check your address is correct when checking out! If we have not shipped your order email us immediately with the correct address so we can update it. We will not refund an order shipped to incorrect address.

My polish separated, is it broken?

No! Polish separates. It happens over time. Especially polishes with large glitters. If you find your glitter polish has settled, give it a shake and wait 5 minutes before using for the air bubbles to dissipate. Another suggestion is to store your glitter bombs upside down. Sometimes polishes are created with pigments that are heavier that others. Over time the lighter in weight pigments will rise while heavier ones will sink. If this happens just give it a vigorous shake and wait for bubbles to dissipate. Some own a polish shaker, if you are in possession of one just pop it in and shake it up. 

Do you have a blogger/swatcher application?

Yes we do! Just click  https://forms.gle/dd4vVBUZJEaFb83MA and fill it out. We try hard to give everyone a chance at swatching. Some things we look at are picture quality, neatness, and clean cuticles. Keep in mind that there are many others filling out the form also, the wait list is long. We will do are best to rotate to a few different swatchers each release. If you don't want to wait we also give out a few blogger/swatcher discounts each month.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do. We are working on shipping to other countries. If you don't see your location at checkout send us detailed message consisting of your address and what items you would like to purchase. Make sure you include quantity and sizes (ex. mini or full, mani bomb or bath bomb, 8oz or 4oz). We will get back to you as soon as possible with a shipping quote. Keep in mind that once your order leaves us we are not responsible for customs fees or package confiscation. We ship out of Florida in the United States, shipping will be more costly to other countries.

Do you sell in bulk?

We are capable of selling in bulk. If you are looking to bulk order send us an email at all_mixed_up_lacquers@hotmail.com. We offer discounts for bulk orders. We also do customs for special events (ex. weddings, baby showers, sleepovers, ect.) Please contact us in advance so we can prepare for your order. 

When will my order ship?

As of 1/15/2024 our turn around time 3-7 days. Business days are Monday through Friday. Keep in mind this time frame is an estimate and we will still due our best to fulfill your order as quick as possible. This does not include sales, custom orders, per-order, or new releases. Holidays will also have a longer turnaround time.

When your order is fulfilled you will receive email sent to the email address you entered while checking out. All mail carriers are still experiencing delays, so for example, while a package may have been sent priority, it may take longer than normal for you to receive. For domestic shipping: If after a week since tracking scan you still have not received your package contact us so we can help find it. International: Time varies for this. If you believe you should have received your package, contact us so we can help. Thank you for understanding!

Customer Accounts?

Why should you create an account? By creating an account we can automatically send you newsletters with exclusive discount codes, information about restocks, and we can let you know when a sale is coming up. An account also allows for faster checkout.