• $7.00

Whoopsie Mistakes are happy little accidents that just don't fit in. They are perfectly fine just weren't what we were hoping for.

We currently have 6 different ones in limited quantities

1) "Red Hot Mistake" - a red light shimmer base with bits of holographic glitters, micro UCC Flakies, and red glitters

2) "Clumbsy" - a bright green base with gold/greeqn shifting shimmer

3) "What Coulda Been" - a bright purple base with gold/pink shifting shimmer and micro pink glitters

4) "Shiny Shit" - a metallic silver base with scattered holographic glitter and silver reflective glitters. *this polish may have slight texture due to the reflective glitters.

5) "Blue this Batch" - a bright blue base with loads of different shifting iridescent and ucc flakies.

6) "Shifty Shit" - a darkened base with pink/gold/green shift and micro ucc flakies and iridescent flakies.

Each polish is numbered in order of the drop down selection, be sure to choose and select which polish/polishes you would like.