All Cracked Up

  • $12.00

“All Cracked Up” is a holographic crackle type polish. Paint a thin even coat overtop another shade and watch the texture happen. In our opinion it shows up bolder and more noticeable over darker shades, but can be used over any polish. If you paint it too thick, it will have less cracks, or no cracks at all.


*Notes: Please shake well to redisperse holographic glitters. This type of base dries matte, use a good glossy topcoat to bring out the holographic shine. If you do not want the crackle effect to be textured on your nails, we suggest using multiple topcoats to smooth out. As with most holographic polishes, they show their “true” colors under flash or sunlight.

Weather can “affect” this type of base. If you are in a super humid area or rain in is the area, it will take longer to see the crackle effect. This does not mean this polish is “broken”, try on a different dry day. Please make sure you close your bottle all the way, as it can dry and crackle in the bottle leaving lumps.


Full Size .5fl oz

Swatches by Ronita, Michell, Christina, Tonya, Britt