2019 Lineup


Fresh Start Trio (thermals) 1/18/2019

Valentine’s Day Duo 2/1/2019 

Totally Tubular 80's Collab with Tammy @nailskilzmom 3/22/19

AMUL 5th Bday Duo 3/22/19

Flakie collab with @purplejammies 4/19/2019

Matte Collection 5/17/2019

Mother's Day Collab with Ally @darkmoonescentuals

Matte Mani Moms Duo 6/1/2019 (use code mattemanimoms for 15% off)

Neon Addicts Anonymous 6/4/2019

Hot Southern Mess 6/4/2019

The Sea Trio 6/14/2019 (glow in the dark)

Dream Cremes Preorder (coming soon)



7/4/2019 - usps closed/ orders will ship Monday 7/7



Left over stock has already been reduced 50%. No code needed

July 4th sale


*These lists will change as needed