Unicorns Unleashed Collection

  • $80.00

This bright and shifty collection is inspired by different unicorn animals.

The whole collection includes 7 full size .5 fl oz polishes, Unicorn Mani Bomb, LE Quench & Drench in dropper bottle &  Drizzle & Dribble Acetone Additive in Unicorn Farts, plus All 7 stickers created by @ambermorgandesigns

What in the Hell-o Kitty are U supposed to Be?  Inspired by the Caticorn- A glowy pink with pink/blue/purple shifting shimmers. 

Stabby McStaberson-Inspired by Slothicorn-A glowy orange creamsicle and pink/purple/blue shifting shimmers.

Pug-get About It - Inspired by the UniPug-A glowy lemonhead yellow with gold/green/blue shifting shimmers.

I’m Rexy & I Know It- Inspired by the Unicornasaurus Rex-A glowy green with blue/green to golden shifting shimmer.

Not My Pasture, Not My BS - Inspired by the Unicow - A sparkly blue-turquoise shift with gold/green shifting shimmers.

Trashy...Boujie...Racc-het - Inspired by the Trashycorn- A violet with pinky shift and pink/purple/blue shifting shimmers. 

Soul of a Mermaid, Mouth of a Sailor- Inspired by the Mercorn- A blend of shimmers, UCC and Illusion/Fantasy Flakies.

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