Starter Set (pre-order)

  • $27.00

Looking for a set with all the basics? Well look no further. The Starter Set comes with a sticky base coat, quick drying top coat, matte top coat, a super sheer nude for a even slate, and a free glass nail file.

F5 Quick Dry Top Coat dries in minutes and gives you a rock hard glossy mani.

Matte Top Coat takes the shine away and leaves you with a flat look. *Note- matte top coats can dry a bit soft, if you apply a quick dry top coat first then matte, it will harden better.

Prep It! is a sticky/self leveling base coat that can help level out imperfections and adhear your polish to your nails for longer. *Formula has changed, it will no longer have a green hue.

Fresh Start is a super sheer nude shade to help hide your natural nail line and give you a clean even base to start your mani. Shown in 1 coat, 2 coats, no coat, and 3 coats

Free mini glass nail file

Full Size .5fl oz bottles

*This set is pre-order, which means your order will ship a tad later. If you'd like the rest of your order shipped faster, please place 2 separate orders.