Spicy Toe Beans (Charity Polish)

  • $13.00

Pawsitively Polished is a new facebook group with monthly charity polishes. Each month, 2 makers choose team cat or team dog, create a polish to sell for a month, after the month is over which ever maker sold more that charity wins.

For July, AMUL is team cat and Red Eyed Lacquer is Team Dog

“Spicy Toe Beans” - a bold red/pink base with strong gold/green shimmer

$13 per a bottle with $5 of each bottle going to the Alley Cat Allies Charity if team cat wins, otherwise charity money will go to team dogs choice.

Full size .5fl oz


They help to educate for better cat care and health, work with shelters to implement lifesaving programs for all cats, and stand against animal cruelty. 

Swatches by Lisa, Nora, Elizabeth, Ronita