Sickie Set

  • $16.00

Not feeling your best? Feeling stuffy? Or do you just love the smell of menthol? This set has you covered. Steam your head with a menthol shower fizzy and paint your nails in this vibrant polish to make you feel refreshed.

Kill it with Fire is vibrant magenta jelly loaded with glitters

Menthol Shower Steamer Bombs - place l or 2 bombs on floor of tub near drain with warm shower running. The menthol scent will help you breathe better so you can get back to painting nails.*Caution: scent can cause a slight slippery feel, so don't dance any jigs while steaming. Alternative Method: place a piece of steamer bomb in bowl of warm water, hang head over while it fizzes. Caution: too much may cause eye irritation.

Cuticle Oil - ingredients: almond oil, jojoba oil, argon oil, vitamin E, fragrance (menthol)

*Polish is available for $9 without the set

1 full size .5fl oz polish, 2 shower steamers, 1 mini cuticle oil

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