Galacta-Cat (Charity)

  • $13.00

Team Cat for May's Pawsitively Polished Facebook Group. 

“Galacta-Cat” is a deepened magnetic base that shifts fuchsia/rose/gold/green when magnetized and a dusting of silver to teal shifting shimmer. 

$13 with $5 of every bottle sold being donated to the the Senior Cat Network if team cat wins, otherwise donations go to team dog's charity. 

Full Size .5fl oz. Available only for the month of May

Swatches by Noa, Erin, Elizabeth, Emy

Proper cat care can be expensive. From routine vet visits to bloodwork to dental, the annual costs typically rise as a cat ages. Often, long term medical issues (such as kidney disease or hyperthyroidism) or other terminal and non-terminal diseases start to arise in their senior years, driving the annual costs up much further. Some pet parents simply cannot afford the cost and feel no choice but to surrender their beloved cat to a shelter, not always realizing the likely result. Sadly, senior cats are often deemed "unadoptable" or "too expensive" resulting in rescues not always willing to pull them from shelters. This puts these cats at a high risk for euthanasia. Add on a medical issue (even a "minor" one), and the cat's chance of ever getting out of the shelter alive is very slim.

Senior Cat Action Network seeks to change this outcome in any way possible. As we start out, our assistance will primarily be provided by partnering with other 501(c)(3) rescues to provide much needed medical funding so that the aged felines in their care have the best chance for success at finding their new "retirement" life. On a limited basis, we will also serve as a safe haven for super senior cats in our area - providing them with all the love and medical care that they need in a quiet home environment.