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Product Tips and Tricks

Polish Storage

It is best to store your polish in a cool dry area and out of direct sunlight or heat. Polish sitting in sunlight could cause pigment bleaching. This is when the color seems to disappear from your bottle. *Note: bleaching is different from polish settling.

Thermal or color change polishes are extremely sensitive to sunlight and extreme hot temperatures. When these polishes get too hot it could result in them "breaking" or no longer changing colors.

Polish Settlement

We suggest rotating or giving your polishes a gentle shake every so often even when not using them to keep the pigments and glitters properly combined. When polishes sit for too long without use or being shaken, pigments settle and separate. This is not a huge issue and can usually be fixed by shaking the polish up.

For glitter polishes, especially those with larger glitters, we recommend storing upside down if possible. If not then try to set upside down for 5-10 minutes to allow glitters to "fall" back to the top. If you're in a hurry then you can give the bottle a vigorous shake and wait a couple minutes for bubbles to dissipate before painting. Painting with a polish that has air bubbles will result in a less than desirable manicure.

Stain Prevention

We strive to create polishes that do not stain nails or skin but everyone is different and polish may stain. Blues, greens, and reds can often times stain, but you may find others may stain your nails and skin as well. The best preventive measure you can take to help prevent staining is a good quality base coat. When removing dark polishes soak a cotton ball with remover and hold on the nail for 15 seconds, then pull off by wiping down the nail. Do not twist back and forth or you will get the polish on your skin.

Glitter Bombs

Have a glitter bomb you love, but don't love the textured feeling? Use a good top coat after applying your glitter polish. If it is extremely textured you may need two applications of top coat. Another tip for glitter polishes is if you hate the messy removal process and frequently change your polish, you can paint a "peel off" base coat before glitter polishes. This will allow the polish to peel off and you will not have to scrub the polish off. Some glitter polishes may be easier to apply by using the dabbing method or applied with a makeup sponge.

Create a lasting manicure

Want your manicure to last longer than a day? Make sure you always apply a base coat before your color choice. Apply at least two coats of color. Be sure to wrap the free edge of your nails (tips where you file). Polish should dry thoroughly between each coat. When all coats have dried top it off with a good top coat like our All Glossed Up Top Coat and wrap the tips so water doesn't seep between your manicure and nail. Skipping this step could result in your manicure peeling off. If using a quick dry top coat "some" manicurist say it is best to apply it when last coat of color is still wet.

Polish has thickened

If your polish is to thick for your taste or over time it has thickened up, DO NOT add polish remover. This will cause your polish to chip quicker and separate faster. Instead, add a few drops of polish thinner at a time until the desired consistency is achieved. You can find polish thinner at your local beauty store or online stores such as Amazon.

Body Wash and Scrubs to thick

We create our scrubs and washes thick and rich with oatmeal, butters, and oils. These products thin out immediately when water hits them. If you would rather them be thinner, you can add a bit of aloe or water to the mixture. We use an anti-bacteria ingredient so you don't have to worry about bacteria or mold growing in your jar. 

*Beware, shower floor may be slippery. Take precautions and refrain from happy dancing till you get out of the shower.

How to use Mani/Pedi and Bath Bombs

Fill a bucket, bowl, or tub with warm water, drop bomb in and soak for 5-15 minutes. Pat dry and wait 5 minutes before washing hands with soap and water. This allows the oils and butters to soak in. Mani/Pedi Bombs can be used in the bath and vice versa. Bath bombs and mani/pedi bombs are the same product, one is just bigger than the other. Another tip is to buy a bath bomb and chop it up for multiple uses.

Nail Vinyls

If you are not able to free hand designs or are short on time, vinyls are a great option to decorate your manicure. Paint your nails the desired color, allow to dry, then apply the stencil to your nail and paint or sponge a different color on top. Immediately peel the vinyl off before polish dries. For an even cleaner application you can paint liquid latex around your nail and peel off after you remove the stencil.The latex will prevent the polish from sticking to your finger.

We also have decals. To apply, paint your nails desired color and allow to dry, place stencil and top with a good quality top coat. The center of some stencils can also be used as decals.

Having trouble "weeding" your vinyl? If all the little pieces don't come off your stencil don't fret. You can peel up and gently stick stencil to a plastic zip bag making sure to press where "weeding" is needed. When you peel stencil back up all the little extra pieces should be removed.

When placing stencil be sure to press evenly on the nail so there are no spaces between nail and stencil. Spaces could result in polish seeping under and the design messing up.

Cuticle Oils and Balms

You can apply these products as often as needed to have soft beautiful cuticles. A good time to apply every night before bed as your hands will not be in water.

For Healthy Strong Nails

A few tips for healthy strong nails are always have a base coat on even if you are not polishing your nails. When only wearing a base coat make sure to wrap the tips so nails will not soak up water. When nails frequently soak in water it could cause them to become brittle and break or peel.

Unless you are peeling off latex or a peel off base coat, never peel polish off of your nail. When you peel the polish off it takes the top layer off of the nail. This causes them to become weak and prone to breakage.

If you are prone to corner or tip breakage you can file your nails squoval or rounded to try to prevent breaks.