Blooms & Brunch

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Enjoy the Blooms & Brunch feels with this perfect floral inspired collection.

Succa for Bacon - a light teal blue with strong blue shift

Benedicted Begonias- a light mauve pink with strong pink shift

Syrup on My Crepe-Myrtles- a peachy coral with golden shifts and shimmers and pink to gold flakies. Can be worn by itself or as a topper.

Hibiscus & Gravy- a sheer violet purple shimmer with rose/green/gold and blue/purple/pink UCC flakies. Can be worn by itself or as a topper.

Da Balm-er created by Red Eyed Lacquer - Bottomless Brunch scented in the enticing scent of White Peach & Hibiscus. Great for hydrating those cuticles (a little goes a long way). Can be purchased separately for $7

Mani/Pedi Fizzies - 2 pack of mini mani/pedi fizzies shaped like a flower and a cute little pig head. Scented in a light garden smell with hints of fruit, jasmine, and vanilla

Blooms and Brunch collaborative collection with Red Eyed Lacquer comes with 4 polishes (Succa for Bacon, Syrup on My Crepe-Myrtles, Hibiscus & Gravy, Benedicted Begonias), 1oz jar of Da Balm-er by Red Eyed Lacquer, 2 pack of mani/pedi fizzies and a 1 in x 1 in succulent vinyl, sticker, and floral ring freebies

.5 fl oz full size polishes

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